Whatever your country of origin, whatever your destination, customs clearance is a complex business. Without a detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations your imports and exports can take much longer to process, and may make unanticipated demands on both your budget and your human resources. And when we’re talking about moving goods into the diverse and expanding New Zealand, things can get particularly challenging and stressful. With our range of listed professional services we will work with you every step of way and provide solutions so that you can concentrate on sales and expanding your business.

Here is a list of what services we offer:

All of the products imported into New Zealand whether by air or sea have to be custom cleared. This applies to the items brought in as personal effects and also imported by trade and business establishments including governmental and defence agencies. Necessary stipulated duties would have to be paid before the goods are released by Customs. All cargo imported into country remains under control and jurisdiction of Customs until all fees & duty is paid.

While representing you we will prepare, classify products according to tariff and submit documentations online with New Zealand Customs, arrange for assessment, payment of duty and other fees for your shipment. We can also arrange for taking delivery of your shipment through our associates and trusted partners (freight forwarders & transporters).

We have made it very simple you request for a free quote, upload documents & once you quote is accepted we can proceed with clearance process. Our website is secure and any of your confidential information will never be shared with anyone else.

Once MPI/Bio-Security has also cleared shipment and all customs charges and duties paid NZ Customs will issue a Delivery Order.

Goods, sea containers and air containers arriving in New Zealand must first go to a Transitional Facility (TF) approved by Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) responsible for bio-security where they are de-vanned /unloaded and if required/instructed may be inspected bio-security inspectors before cleared and delivery/movement outside facility is allowed.

Hence, customs clearance will also involve separate MPI/Bio-security Clearance depending upon goods & shipment besides country of origin. We will lodge your entries for your clearance by NZ Customs & MPI/Bi-Security simultaneously.

All cargo exported from New Zealand must have a Customs Export Clearance. This includes personal effects, gifts, unaccompanied baggage as well as commercial goods.

While representing you we will prepare, classify products on export shipment according to NZ Tariff and submit documentations online with New Zealand Customs, liase/ arrange for assessment facilitate exports out of the country.

Once NZ Customs has accepted and cleared export entry for your shipment a Delivery Order will be issued. It will allows your items to be loaded onto a craft for export.

Once you accept quote & documents provided we will lodge your entries for exports.

All personal effects / household goods must be cleared with the Customs service and MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries). If you are an immigrant, or a resident returning to New Zealand after 21 months or more overseas, you will be entitled to certain concessions on household items and similar possessions that you wish to bring in. The goods must not be for any other person, or for gift, sale or exchange or used for commercial purposes. No prohibited goods can be imported.

If the shipper does not meet all of the above requirements then full customs duty & tax (GST) will be payable. We will provide all assistance in preparation of documents and lodging your entries for clearance by customs & MPI for your personal effects goods.

When your shipment /parcel/ courier packages arrives in New Zealand these must be cleared for release by Customs & or MPI before these can be delivered. Any customs charges & duty will need to be paid before that.

NZ Customs licences NZ Post and Courier depots to hold postal /courier packages awaiting Customs /MPI clearance. NZ Post or courier company will usually advise you when your shipment arrives that it requires custom & bio-security clearance. In some instances, they will undertake the Customs /MPI clearance on behalf of the importer, usually for a fee or advise you to get shipment cleared by your authorised broker.

Once you notify us that your postal parcel or courier shipment has been held at customs for clearance we will we can liaise with NZ Post or respective courier companies. We will prepare documentation, lodge online entry for clearance by customs & bio-security. Once all applicable charges/ fees/ invoices are paid delivery order will issued by customs. We inform and pass on delivery order to NZ Post or courier companies to deliver goods/package to you.

We can assist with Customs & MPI inspections since we understand the process and what needs to be done should any issues arise. If any shipment is held for additional inspections by customs or MPI they will communicate instructions us on actions to be taken.

All sea or air freight containers, with or without cargo, imported into New Zealand must meet biosecurity requirements to prevent the introduction of pests and diseases. All your shipments coming in containers air or sea whether LCL or FCL it is mandatory to move them to approved transitional facilities (TFs). MPI inspectors can in

A client code is a unique number that identifies individual importers and exporters. Client codes are only issued to New Zealand entities (such as registered New Zealand companies). A client code is required as part of the import and export entry preparation for shipments valued at NZ$1,000 or more.

We can prepare documentations and lodge applications for issue of client codes by NZ Customs for importer or exporters.

A supplier code is a unique code that identifies the supplier of the goods. For imports valued at NZ$1,000 or more, a supplier code is required. These are required for electronic transactions/ clearance with NZ Customs when your import shipment arrives.

We can prepare documents and lodge application with customs for issue of supplier’s codes.

We understand how important it is for your business plans to be continuously updated with detailed information on status of your shipments be it imports or exports. We can provide customised scheduled reports for all your shipments direct to your inbox.

We work with number of reliable freight forwarders and can assist in getting most economical and fastest option to move your import or export shipments.

We understand that at times lots of freight forwarders gets too much overwhelmed by
imports & export consignments and do not enough resources to lodge entries with
customs. This causes delays in customs and bio-security clearances with unhappy
customers. We can assist other freight forwarders in lodging entries on short or long
term contractual basis.

All cargo insurances are in generic terms called Marine Insurance both for air & sea shipments. This is tradition coming from days when only sea transportation was mode of global trade.

Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which the property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and the final destination

When you are importing your shipper may not be completely cover your shipment and exposing you to significant risks. It is important that you cover yourself on a comprehensive basis in New Zealand so that in case of unforeseen situation you not exposed to any loss.

Whether it is for imports or exports for any marine cargo insurance we only work through various reliable business associates/ insurance agents/ providers. We will discuss with you in depth to understand your requirements and research for best economical option suited to you.

Drawback allows for the refund of tariff duty & / or when goods are re-exported. The drawback provision covers any goods that were subject to duty and GST on importation and are being re-exported. Commercial exporters must claim a minimum of NZ$50 drawback.

We can prepare documentations for lodging of your applications got duty drawbacks/refunds if re-exporting some goods on which duty & GST was paid at the time of import.

Please note GST component for re-exports of previously imported goods will need to be lodged separately through IRD. However, if you are not GST registered we can include it while lodging duty drawback application with customs.

Goods, sea containers and air containers arriving in New Zealand must first go to a facility approved by MPI. Goods or containers may need to be inspected or treated at the facility before they can be ‘cleared’/ de-vanned for entry into New Zealand. Every transitional facility has to have an MPI-approved transitional facility operator and if receiving containers, an accredited person available (who may also be the operator) who has been approved by MPI. Transitional facilities can hold, inspect, treat, identify, or destroy and dispose of un-cleared risk goods.

We can assist in arranging TF at most economical pricing, de-vanning & despatch to you as per your instructions through our reliable business associates.